Bulk edit videos and images for web

Edit and optimize multiple videos and photos at once

Bulk edit videos and images
bulk edit videos online
batch resize videos

Batch resize videos and images

Resize and compress multiple photos and videos at once, for web, social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc) and marketplaces (e.g. Tmall, Zalando, Lamoda, etc). Create several image and video variants from a unique master asset, and optimize bandwidth and quality for every device.

Configure your channels and transformations and get thousands of image and video variants ready to publish and promote your products in a single one step.

Watermark multiple photos and videos

Edit a single image or video to get a batch of processed resources. Creating action templates you can consistently edit your media files for the relevant ecommerce and marketing channels. Edit one example, set it as a template, and process all your images and videos for the web and social media.

Speed up your media editing operations to bulk resize, crop, pad, watermark... and optimize your images and videos online, from our graphical editor.

watermark multiple photos
bulk crop images

Bulk crop pictures and videos

Crop and convert multiple images and videos at once. Take advantage from smart cropping and visual editing to straightforward batch cropping tasks. Create several image and video cropped variants from a unique master asset to feed your web, marketplaces, and marketing channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc).

Create a visual template and get thousands of consistent images and videos ready to publish and promote your products on web and social media.

Simple Pricing with No Subscription

No yearly subscriptions or hidden extra costs.

up to: 1,000 images
up to: 50 videos
priority email support
up to: 2,000 images
up to: 100 videos
priority email support
Best Price
up to: 4,000 images
up to: 200 videos
priority email support

You only pay what you need to edit and optimize your images and videos for web and social media.

Bulk image and video editing for ecommerce and marketing

Publishing images and videos on the web and social media usually consists of common transformations like resizing, trimming, watermarking, sound removal, or branding -overlaying logos, texts or any graphic content-. It commonly requires four steps:

  1. First, resizing to create several variants or changing the aspect ratio to a fixed size (padding, cropping, or adding some border).
  2. Second, trimming videos to choose the excerpt we want to feature in a prominent placement or to publish on social media channels.
  3. Third, editing images and videos to different pages or channels, overlaying watermarks, logos and texts, or even creating collages.
  4. Finally, removing audio and adding subtitles, since mobile experience improves with muted videos and styled custom captions.

These simple tasks may reveal tricky with common tools and solutions. Especially in ecommerce and marketing, where images and videos must be frequently repurposed to be published in different parts of the online store, used in marketplaces, or shared in social networks.

bulk photo and video collage

Now, with Abraia it is easy to make all this tasks in bulk. For instance, you can easily create collages combining images and video to boost your content:

1. Upload the video

Start uploading the video we intent to use. Select the Instagram preset to set a square collage size, and choose between the pad and crop options to quickly resize the video. Finally, place the video over the canvas, leaving some space for the images.

2. Compose the collage

Upload the images that we want to use on the collage, and resize and crop your images using the handlers, corners to scale the image keeping the aspect ratio, and middles to crop some parts of the image. Finally, adjust the position of the images in the collage.

3. Export the video

Once our photo and video collage is ready, we only need to click the export button to get the video collage ready to share on any website or social media.

At Abraia we are experts in imaging, artificial intelligence, and visual perception. We advise fashion ecommerce leaders on their image and video optimization workflows, automating the complexity of generating perfectly fitted image and video versions for multiple devices and layouts based on advanced perceptual analysis, and best practices from fast fashion ecommerce industry.

If you need special support on how to best handle and optimize your images and videos, we offer consultancy services that cover all the media processing chain. We can advice on the best settings and tools from studio to web delivery. Just drop a line describing your business and we will come back to you.